Fuel Jet Fuel Injection Pump

Fuel Jet Fuel Injection Pump

1. the use of SPF three screw pump Suitable for thermal power plants, glass cement, asphalt mixing plants, building materials plants, ships, chemicals, pharmaceutical plants, highway asphalt mixing plants, steel plant blast furnaces, high pressure steam boilers, oil-fired boilers, marine...
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1. the use of SPF three screw pump
Suitable for thermal power plants, glass cement, asphalt mixing plants, building materials plants, ships, chemicals, pharmaceutical plants, highway asphalt mixing plants, steel plant blast furnaces, high pressure steam boilers, oil-fired boilers, marine boilers, shipbuilding industry, diesel engines, turbine boilers and other fuel Conveyor system or burner fuel delivery fuel injection application; mainly transports fuel oil, diesel oil, heavy oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, marine diesel, gasoline (MDO, MGO), heavy fuel oil HFO, vehicle fuel, bio-oil, etc. or other lubrication In liquids, the medium to be transported must not contain any abrasive particles and substances that are corrosive to the pump material.
SPF series three-screw pump is used as fuel delivery pump and regulating pump. It is widely used in oil transportation and filling, as well as industrial pipeline transportation. It is also used in burners of various asphalt mixing stations and asphalt mixing stations. Small gear box gear reducer hydraulic lubrication equipment.
Can provide motor + screw pump assembly kit supply, with suction pipes and brackets, as well as a complete test report;
Can provide pressure safety valve assembly and other accessories;

2. the main application area
1. SPF series three-screw pump is used as the fuel pump for fuel delivery, fuel injection, pressure booster and fuel burner in the fuel system of burner;
2. Used as transmission and fuel pump booster pump, fuel injection pump, diesel ignition oil pump in oil delivery system;
3. Can be used as a lubricant pump in all industrial fields;
4. Hydraulic pumps used in various hydraulic transmissions;

3. the structure
The SPF pump is a self-priming three-screw pump with a built-in bearing. It is treated with a nitride hardened surface and the surface of the screw pump body is specially treated. The hardness is 63HRC; it is installed in a replaceable bushing. The main rod adopts hydraulic balance and is supported on the rear cover by the axial force of the rod, and is driven by the hydraulic pressure to rotate. Therefore, the screw profile only transmits hydraulic torque and is free from force and wear. For all transmission parts, Both are lubricated by the transported medium. The main rod is radially positioned by the balance piston, and the high pressure chamber and the seal chamber are separated by the gap between the balance piston and the sleeve. The mechanical seal is installed in the seal chamber. The oil return hole in the chamber communicates with the suction chamber of the pump. Therefore, it is not affected by the discharge pressure. All sliding parts are lubricated by the medium. Shaft seals are mechanical seals that are leak-free and require no maintenance. The sealed chamber and suction chamber are connected by an internal circuit. The output pressure on the shaft seal is independent and only absorbs pressure. The pump and motor are connected by a bracket. When the screw rotates, the three spirals of the seal chamber perform axially complete continuous motion. Spiral rotation will not cause vibration. Outside the extrusion, the sealed chamber capacity does not change. The structural design and operating stability ensure that the screw pump operates with very low noise and no pulsation.
The pump is connected and driven by brackets, couplings and motors (eg size 20) or wall mounted (eg size 40).

4. characteristics
Optional radial or axial suction port, SAE flange BSPP or threaded connection;
The external sheath of the screw pump (optional) is made of AMSE standard and can be manufactured according to API standards;
Screw hardness 63HRC, ultra-precision machining;
The minimum allowable viscosity of the medium is 2cst, up to 1000cst, and the maximum allowable particulate matter is 30um.
Screw pump maximum pressure up to 4MPa;
Flow range: 0-120L/min
1. Operation
When the helicoidal active screw, which consists of a special profile, rotates, its dynamic seal chamber will suck liquid from the suction inlet and deliver it to the discharge port in a continuous, pulseless manner in the axial direction.
2. Noise, pulsation
The structure and running stability of the screw pump ensure the pump's low noise and no pulsation.
3, shaft seal
The pump uses a mechanical seal that requires no maintenance.
Structural materials
Dynamic Ring Impregnated Graphite
Static Ring High Carbon Chrome Steel
"O" ring Fluorine rubber
Spring stainless steel
Metal components Stainless steel
4, temperature and pressure range
Allowed temperature 150 °C (only type 20 is supplied)
Permissible working pressure 4.0 MPa
For higher usage temperature, please consult factory
Different working pressures at different viscosities and speeds, according to the performance parameters table.
5. Safety valve
Each pump is equipped with a safety valve as an overload protection device.
6. Import and export flange
Import flange: PN16DIN2533 (GB2555-81)
Outlet flange: PN40DIN2535 (GB2555-81)
7. installation
The SPF pump can be installed anywhere. For reasons of safety, the motor must not be placed under the pump.
8. Power Package
Various types of motors or other drives are coupled to the pump via couplings.
Three-phase AC motors with protection class IP44, insulation class B, power and main connection dimensions according to Y series
9. The motor's specified frequency is 50Hz. If no other changes are available, it can be used with a 60Hz power supply.


5. type code
SPF 20 R 38 G 10 F W2
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 series
2 Specifications
The theoretical flow rate of the pump at a rotational speed of 1450 rpm and a helix angle of 46°
3 Spinning of the main rod (R=right-handed, L=left-handed)
4 helix angle
5 bearing type: built-in sliding bearings
6 Mechanical seal
7 with filter (only one specification for SPF20 series)
8 Material Combination

6. SPF series three screw pump commonly used specifications Model:

SPF10R28G8.3W20  SPF10R38G8.3W20  SPF10R46G8.3W20
SPF10R56G8.3W20  SPF20R38G8.3W20  SPF20R46G8.3W20
SPF20R56G8.3W20  SPF40R38G8.3W20  SPF40R46G8.3W20
SPF10R28G8.3W16  SPF10R38G8.3W16  SPF10R46G8.3W16
SPF10R56G8.3W16  SPF20R38G8.3W16  SPF20R46G8.3W16
SPF20R56G8.3W16  SPF40R38G8.3W16  SPF40R46G8.3W16
SPF10R28G8.3FW8  SPF10R38G8.3FW8  SPF10R46G8.3FW8
SPF10R56G8.3FW8  SPF20R38G8.3FW8  SPF20R46G8.3FW8
SPF20R56G8.3FW8  SPF40R38G8.3FW8  SPF40R46G8.3FW8
SPF10R28G8.3FW20  SPF10R38G8.3FW20  SPF10R46G8.3FW20
SPF10R56G8.3FW20  SPF20R38G8.3FW20  SPF20R46G8.3FW20
SPF20R56G8.3FW20  SPF40R38G8.3FW20  SPF40R46G8.3FW20
SPF10R28G8.3FW16  SPF10R38G8.3FW16  SPF10R46G8.3FW16
SPF10R56G8.3FW16  SPF20R38G8.3FW16  SPF20R46G8.3FW16
SPF20R56G8.3FW16  SPF40R38G8.3FW16  SPF40R46G8.3FW16
SPF10R28G8.3FW8  SPF10R38G8.3FW8  SPF10R46G8.3FW8
SPF10R56G8.3FW8  SPF20R38G8.3FW8  SPF20R46G8.3FW8
SPF20R56G8.3FW8  SPF40R38G8.3FW8  SPF40R46G8.3FW8
SPF10R28G10W20  SPF10R38G10W20  SPF10R46G10W20
SPF10R56G10W20  SPF20R38G10W20  SPF20R46G10W20
SPF20R56G10W20  SPF40R38G10W20  SPF40R46G10W20
SPF10R28G10W16  SPF10R38G10W16  SPF10R46G10W16
SPF10R56G10W16  SPF20R38G10W16  SPF20R46G10W16
SPF20R56G10W16  SPF40R38G10W16  SPF40R46G10W16
SPF10R28G10FW8  SPF10R38G10FW8  SPF10R46G10FW8
SPF10R56G10FW8  SPF20R38G10FW8  SPF20R46G10FW8
SPF20R56G10FW8  SPF40R38G10FW8  SPF40R46G10FW8
SPF10R28G10FW20  SPF10R38G10FW20  SPF10R46G10FW20
SPF10R56G10FW20  SPF20R38G10FW20  SPF20R46G10FW20
SPF20R56G10FW20  SPF40R38G10FW20  SPF40R46G10FW20
SPF10R28G10FW16  SPF10R38G10FW16  SPF10R46G10FW16
SPF10R56G10FW16  SPF20R38G10FW16  SPF20R46G10FW16
SPF20R56G10FW16  SPF40R38G10FW16  SPF40R46G10FW16
SPF10R28G10FW8  SPF10R38G10FW8  SPF10R46G10FW8
SPF10R56G10FW8  SPF20R38G10FW8  SPF20R46G10FW8
SPF20R56G10FW8  SPF40R38G10FW8  SPF40R46G10FW8
SPF20R38G10FW2  SPF20R46G10FW2  SPF20R56G10FW2
SPF40R38G10FW2  SPF40R46G10FW2  SPF40R54G10FW2
SPF20R38G10FW21  SPF20R46G10FW21  SPF20R56G10FW21
SPF40R38G10FW21  SPF40R46G10FW21  SPF40R54G10FW21
SPF10R28G8.3FW20  SPF10R38G8.3FW20  SPF10R46G8.2FW20
SPF10R56G8.3FW21  SPF10R38G8.3FW21  SPF10R38G8.3FW21
SPF20R38G10W20  SPF20R46G10W20  SPF20R56G10W20
SPF20R38G10FW20  SPF20R46G10FW20  SPF20R56G10FW20
SPF20R38G10W21  SPF20R46G10W21  SPF20R56G10W21
SPF20R38G10FW21  SPF20R46G10FW21  SPF20R56G10FW21
SPF20R38G10W23  SPF20R46G10W23  SPF20R56G10W23
SPF20R38G10FW23  SPF20R46G10FW23  SPF20R56G10FW23
SPF40R38G10W20  SPF40R46G10W20  SPF40R54G10W20
SPF40R38G10FW20  SPF40R46G10FW20  SPF40R54G10FW20
SPF40R38G10W21  SPF40R46G10W21  SPF40R54G10W21
SPF40R38G10FW21  SPF40R46G10FW21  SPF40R54G10FW21
SPF40R38G10W23  SPF40R46G10W23  SPF40R54G10W23
SPF40R38G10FW23  SPF40R46G10FW23  SPF40R54G10FW23