FO Separator Supply Pump

FO Separator Supply Pump

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Introduction of ASMH Three-screw pump Product structure Features and advantages

Brief introduction of ASMH three-screw pump products:

ASMH triple screw pump is a kind of quantitative displacement rotor pump with certain lubricity medium, which is suitable for conveying fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, mineral oil and lubricating liquid.The conveying medium shall not contain any abrasive particles and corrosive substances to the pump material. The ASMH series three-screw pump shall consist of a helical surface of a special type (cycloid) when the motor or motor drives the active screw, Each chamber in which it moves gradually forms a vacuum, in which the liquid is inhaled at atmospheric pressure and continuously transported along the axis, without pulsation, to the outlet and without stirring. emulsification. The ability to form the discharge pressure depends on the system load and the number of screw seal cavities, and also depends on the viscosity of the conveying medium and the driving speed.

The ASMH three screw pump's active screw and driven screw adopt hydraulic balancing device. The transported liquid is continuous and uniform axial linear motion in the pump cavity, without pulsation, low noise, smooth operation, stable flow and pressure, stable operation and small vibration.

The components of ASMH three-screw pump have good general interchangeability and can be disassembled and replaced at will. Pump parts, simple structure, light weight, installation, use, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long life.

The axial force of the follower of the three-screw pump is supported on the back cover or the active screw, and rotated by the hydraulic force, the driven screw is driven by the hydraulic force, and there is no mechanical contact between the active screw and the follower screw. There is oil film protection between screw and pump sleeve, so the screw surface only transmits hydraulic torque, does not bear force, also has no wear and mechanical friction. For all transmission parts, oil film protection and lubrication formed by the conveying medium.

The radial rotation runout of the main rod of the three-screw pump can also be called sliding bearing position by the balance piston sleeve, and the high-pressure cavity and the seal cavity are separated by the clearance between the balancing piston and the shaft sleeve, and the sealing cavity is equipped with mechanical seal without leakage. The oil return hole in the cavity is connected with the suction cavity of the pump, so it is not affected by the discharge pressure.

Strong self-priming ability, energy saving and low consumption, no bottom valve and oil before each boot.

The combined serialization has a variety of structures, which can be used for horizontal, flanged, F- and vertical oil-impregnated J) and suspension K) installations.

Heating or cooling structures can also be provided according to the medium to be transported.

For the medium with relatively poor lubricity, the bearing outer structure (W1) and the metal bellows seal can be used to ensure the excellent service life of the three screw pump.

To protect pumps, motors and piping systems, pumps must be equipped with external or built-in relief valve devices.Types of transportable media:

A lubricating liquids: hydraulic oil, mineral oil, mechanical oil, lubricating oil, quenching oil, gear oil, transformer oil, turbine oil, water glycol, crude oil, animal and vegetable oil, etc.

B low lubricating liquids: light diesel, heavy diesel, fuel, fuel oil, heavy oil, residuum, waxy oil, coolant, saponification liquid, etc.

C viscous liquid: all kinds of synthetic rubber liquid, artificial rubber liquid, emulsion, etc.

ASMH three-screw pump performance characteristics:

Traffic range: 10 / 2 200 L/min (L / min) 0.6~130m3/h (cubic / hour)

Pressure range: 0 0 6 MPA (MPA 0 0 60 barbar) 0-60 kg/f (kg force / square centimeter)

Viscosity range of transport medium: 2-10 000 cst (Lis)

Pumping temperature: 300 ℃

Maximum allowable speed: 3600 r / min ( rpm )

Specification and Code description of ASMH Three-screw pump Product


Use features: unsigned for general purpose, C for marine type
Serial code: represents the substitution import SN series product

Installation structure: H- ordinary pump body side in and out horizontal installation F- ordinary pump body side side in and out flange installation S- ordinary pump body side side in and out vertical column foot installation K- ordinary pump body side in and out submerged installation D-General pump body rear end in and out horizontal installation Ra- bottom heating pump body side in and out horizontal installation Rb- bottom heating pump body side in and out horizontal installation Y- integral heating pump body up and up horizontal installation Ya- whole addSide in and out horizontal installation of heat pump Yb- integral heating side in and out horizontal installation

Specification and Model list of commonly used ASMH Three-screw pump


SMH40R46 E6.7W23

SMH40R54 E6.7W23

SMH80R36 E6.7W23

SMH80R42 E6.7W23

SMH80R46 E6.7W23

SMH80R54 E6.7W23

SMH120R42 E6.7W23

SMH120R46 E6.7W23

SMH120R54 E6.7W23

SMH210R36 E6.7W23

SMH210R40 E6.7W23

SMH210R46 E6.7W23

SMH210R54 E6.7W23

SMH280R43 E6.7W23

SMH280R46 E6.7W23

SMH280R54 E6.7W23

SMH440R36 E6.7W23

SMH440R40 E6.7W23

SMH440R46 E6.7W23

SMH440R52 E6.7W23

SMH440R54 E6.7W23

SMH660R40 E6.7W23

SMH660R44 E6.7W23

SMH660R46 E6.7W23

SMH660R52 E6.7W23

SMH660R54 E6.7W23

SMH940R40 E6.7W23

SMH940R42 E6.7W23

SMH940R46 E6.7W23

SMH940R49 E6.7W23

SMH940R50 E6.7W23

SMH940R54 E6.7W23

SMH1300R36 E6.7W23

SMH1300R38 E6.7W23

SMH1300R40 E6.7W23

SMH1300R42 E6.7W23

SMH1300R46 E6.7W23

SMH1300R54 E6.7W23

SMH1700R40 E6.7W23

SMH1700R42 E6.7W23

SMH1700R46 E6.7W23

SMH2200R40 E6.7W23

SMH2200R42 E6.7W23

SMH2200R46 E6.7W23

SMH2900R40 E6.7W23

SMH2900R46 E6.7W23

SMH3600R46 E6.7W23

SMH5300R36 E6.7W23

SMH5300R42 E6.7W23

SMH5300R46 E6.7W23

SMH7400R32 E6.7W23

SMH7400R40 E6.7W23

SMH9400R32 E6.7W23

SMH9400R40 E6.7W23

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