Cylinder Oil Transfer Pump

Cylinder Oil Transfer Pump

Three screw pump maintenance: For intermittent operation of high pressure and low viscosity, poor quality lubricant media or the like, the actual life of the pump will be shortened. We recommend that inspections be conducted at regular intervals and that their working conditions are within the...
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Three screw pump maintenance:
For intermittent operation of high pressure and low viscosity, poor quality lubricant media or the like, the actual life of the pump will be shortened. We recommend that inspections be conducted at regular intervals and that their working conditions are within the specified limits.

1. Start
(1) Before starting, check the tightness of all pipe flanges and joints, and be strict with each other.
(2) Rotate the coupling to check if the rotation of the pump is flexible. If there is a stuck phenomenon, remove the pump.
(3) For the first start, the fuel plug of the safety valve shall be unscrewed or the cover plate shall be removed. The transfer liquid shall be injected into the pump and the coupling shall be turned counterclockwise by hand to ensure that each friction pair has sufficient lubrication.
(4) All valves in the suction and discharge lines should be fully opened prior to start-up. No valve closing is allowed. Check if the motor turns right.
(5) After the above preparations are completed, the power can be turned on and directly started.

2. Maintenance
(1) If the sound of the pump and motor is abnormal (or the ammeter pointer rises rapidly), stop immediately and find out the reason.
(2) The outlet pressure must not exceed the pressure indicated on the pump's nameplate.
(3) The safety valve has been adjusted before production and must not be arbitrarily moved.
(4) If there is a failure in the piping system, there should be a safe return and immediately stop the troubleshooting. The general safety valve return time must not exceed three minutes. If the time is too long, the pulse waves generated by the return liquid in the pump will cause the pump to vibrate and even cause the pump to "scratch" and damage.
(5) It is a normal phenomenon that the seal leaks at the shaft seal. If the leak is greater than 10 ml/hour, stop or troubleshoot or replace the new sealing element.
(6) In the circuit for controlling the operation of the motor, there shall be an overload protection element. If the pump is "killed", the power should be automatically cut off to prevent the motor from being burned out.

3. Downtime
The screw pump must never close the inlet and outlet valves.
If you are transporting high-viscosity media such as heavy fuel oil, asphalt, etc., turn off the standby pump and turn the soaking valve 1 and 2 on the pump to maintain the temperature of the pump. This will prevent the pump from running immediately when the emergency starts and will damage the pump or motor.

4. Keeping
(1) The warehouse where the pump is stored should be kept dry and well ventilated to prevent rust.
(2) If the pump has been stored for a long time or improperly stored, the pump has been rusted and the pump should be disassembled and cleaned again. Remove oxide scales and apply oil to parts during assembly to prevent rust.

5. Should pay attention to the use of various liquids
(1) The liquid with a viscosity of 5-20 degrees E (36.2-148 cst) is most suitable, and it is allowed to use the pump nameplate to calibrate the working parameters.
(2) For liquids with a viscosity less than 5 degrees (36.2 cst), the volumetric efficiency of the pump is degraded due to the decrease of the viscosity of the medium. In order to ensure the nominal flow rate of the brand name, the working pressure needs to be reduced.
(3) For liquids with viscosity above 20 degrees E (148 cst), if the inlet pipe is too long, there are too many elbows, and the pump is prone to noise or vibration, replace the motor with a lower speed or shorten the pipe. Reduce elbows or heat oil to reduce viscosity

1, SMH three screw pump overview:
It is used to convey medium with temperature ≤150°C, viscosity 3-760 cSt, no solid particles, no corrosion, and lubricating properties. Mainly used in diesel, 0 # diesel, heavy oil, asphalt, impregnated graphite, coal tar, waste oil, fuel delivery, hydraulic engineering, shipbuilding, petrochemical and other industries.

2, SMH three screw pump performance characteristics:
1, the structure is simple, convenient disassembly; small size, light weight; slight wear, long life
2, the rotor hydraulic balance, vibration, low noise.
3, the medium is a straight line continuous transmission, no stirring, no pulse. The output is stable, no pulse.
4, high pressure stability, high efficiency
5, has a strong self-priming ability.
6, parts and components using a series of strong universal design, with a variety of installation methods.
7, can work at a higher speed;

3, SMH three screw pump main technical parameters:
1, Flow range: 10 to 10000 L/min (L/min) 0.6 to 600 m3/h (m3/h)
2, pressure range: 0 ~ 6Mpa (megapascal) 0 ~ 60 bar (bar) 0-60 kg / f (kg force / square centimeter)
3, the transmission medium viscosity range: 2-10000 cst (Celsium)
4, pumping temperature: 300 °C (degrees Celsius)
5, the maximum allowable speed: 3600 r/min (r/min)

4, SMH three screw pump applications and fluid handling media:
1, Fuel Ignition/Energy Engineering
Transport light fuel oil, light fuel oil, heavy fuel oil, residual oil, waste oil and so on.
For conveying, fueling pumps, burners, and fuel injection pumps (gas turbines).
2, hydraulic technology
Hydraulic pressure booster; hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, etc.
Such as elevator hydraulic pumps, lifting platforms, centrifuge thrusters, hydraulic presses, forging hammers, large balers, particle board presses, hydraulic winches, cranes, various propeller propulsion devices, propeller steering devices, hatch hydraulics Equipment, hydraulic equipment for rolling mills, hydraulic equipment for machine tools, etc.
3, industry / machinery / heavy machinery industry
Used for conveying lubricating oil, cooling oil, cutting coolant, sealing oil, hydraulic oil, light and heavy fuel oil, diesel oil, fuel oil, and heat conducting oil.
Such as water turbines, turbines and gas turbine seal oil pump, regulating oil pump, top shaft oil pump; compressor seal oil pump, cooling cycle oil pump; diesel fuel pump, cooling cycle oil pump; hydraulic oil pump for rolling mills.
4, Ocean Engineering
It is used to transport lubricating oil, cooling oil and hydraulic oil, light and heavy fuel oil, crude oil and other fuel oils.
5, machine tool industry
Used for conveying cutting oil, cooling oil emulsion for metal grinding, deep hole drilling cutting fluid, oil-in-water emulsion, mechanical hydraulic oil, etc.
6, tank area
For the delivery of all lubricious liquids. Grease oils, oils, paints, fuel oils, polyols, isocyanates, etc. Used as loading and unloading pump.
7, printing industry
For the delivery of ink
8, chemical industry / petrochemical industry / processing industry
For the delivery of lubricious liquids. Oils, Crude Oils, Greases, Paints, Coatings, Ointments, Pastes, Polyols, Isocyanates, Tars, Asphalts, Glycerin, Glues, Adhesives, Rosin Esters, Paraffins, Waxes, Sodium Silicates. Used as a pipeline pump.
9, printing and dyeing industry / paint industry
Used for conveying paints, paints, rosin esters, clear paints, linseed oil, etc.
10, washing and purifying industry
Used to deliver oils, greases, soaps, and additives.
11, Pulp industry
For the transmission of viscose fibers and pulp and so on.
12, food industry
Used to transport syrup, glucose, molasses and vegetable oils

5, SMH three screw pump commonly used models:
Pump type designation:


1. Series
2. Type
3. Specifications
4. Direction of the main rod (R = right-handed L = left-handed) (1). If the pump shaft is required to rotate clockwise when viewed from the driving end, select R and turn it counterclockwise. Select L.
5. Spiral angle
6. Structural Characteristics and Bearings
7. seal
8. Pump body
9. Material Combination

Detailed explanation:
1. Series
Series Main Features Maximum Flow [l/min] Specification Range Maximum Discharge Pressure [MPa]
SM medium pressure, single suction axial force hydraulic balance 2200 40~2200 10.0

2. Type
Symbol Structure Description
H Horizontal foot mounting pump
F-side flange connection pump
S vertical column mounting pump
E pump rotor assembly, rod sleeve cartridge pump
D inlet immersion pump
B Import and Export Isolateral Flange Connection Pump

3. Spiral angle
Specifications 40 80 120 210 210 280 440 660 940 1300 1700 2200
Main pole helix angle 38 36 42 40 43 40 40 42 42 42 42
46 42 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46 46

4. Structural Characteristics and Bearing Shaft Seals
Symbol Structure Description Application
U2 built-in double-row ball bearings, packing seal media poor lubrication, high viscosity, temperature ≤ 150 °C
K2 Outer bearing, packing seal medium with poor lubricity, high viscosity, temperature ≤ 150°C
U12.1 Built-in rolling bearing, bearings lubricated by medium-lubricated mechanical seals Good lubricity, moderate viscosity, temperature ≤ 80°C
E6.7 External Rolling Bearings, Lubricated Nozzles, Lubricating Grease, Mechanical Seals Poor medium lubrication, high operating temperature T≤150°C
E15 External Rolling Bearing, Lubricated Nozzle, Lubricating Grease, Mechanical Seal Poor medium lubrication, high working temperature T≤200°C

5. Pump body
Symbol Description Remarks

Unmarked standard pump body, suitable for conveying fluids with good lubricity
Y Double-layer pump body can use hot steam or heat transfer liquid as carrier to heat the medium. It is suitable for conveying high viscosity and poor fluidity. The medium temperature is ≤200oC. The pump installation diagram is different from the standard type.
T single-layer welded pump body, suitable for places with special requirements, pump installation drawings and standard type are different from the manufacturers

6. Common material combinations

Material codePump bodyLinerScope of application
W3QT42-10ZL109It is used for small-sized pumps and large-sized low-pressure pumps to transport lubricious liquids such as lubricating oils
W23QT42-10ZCuSn5Pb5Zn5It is used for small-sized pumps and large-sized low-pressure pumps to transport poorly lubricious liquids such as heavy oil and fuel oil
W27ZG35ZCuSn5Pb5Zn5For large-scale pump high-pressure transmission of liquids with good lubrication, such as lubricants.
W28ZG35ZL109It is used in large-sized pumps for conveying poorly lubricious liquids such as heavy oil, fuel oil, etc.
W29Welding pump bodyZCuSn5Pb5Zn5For places with special requirements
W30QT450Special composite materialsFor ultra-low viscosity, high pressure applications

The above material combination screws can be used: Nitriding steel, 40Cr, 38CrMoAl, 16MnCrS5. Under special requirements and working conditions, we have more materials and solutions to meet your various application requirements.

SMH40R38E6.7W21  SMH40R38E6.7W23  SMH40R38E6.7W27  SMH40R38E6.7W28  SMH40R38E6.7W29
SMH40R46E6.7W21  SMH40R46E6.7W23  SMH40R46E6.7W27  SMH40R46E6.7W28  SMH40R46E6.7W29
SMH80R36E6.7W21  SMH80R36E6.7W23  SMH80R36E6.7W27  SMH80R36E6.7W28  SMH80R36E6.7W29
SMH80R42E6.7W21  SMH80R42E6.7W23  SMH80R42E6.7W27  SMH80R42E6.7W28  SMH80R42E6.7W29
SMH80R46E6.7W21  SMH80R46E6.7W23  SMH80R46E6.7W27  SMH80R46E6.7W28  SMH80R46E6.7W29
SMH120R42E6.7W21  SMH120R42E6.7W23  SMH120R42E6.7W27  SM120R42E6.7W28  SM120R42E6.7W29
SMH120R46E6.7W21  SMH120R46E6.7W23  SMH120R46E6.7W27  SMH120R46E6.7W28  SMH120R46E6.7W29
SMH210R40E6.7W21  SMH210R40E6.7W23  SMH210R40E6.7W27  SMH210R40E6.7W28  SMH210R40E6.7W29
SMH210R46E6.7W21  SMH210R46E6.7W23  SMH210R46E6.7W27  SMH210R46E6.7W28  SMH210R46E6.7W29
SMH280R43E6.7W21  SMH280R43E6.7W23  SMH280R43E6.7W27  SMH280R43E6.7W28  SMH280R43E6.7W29
SMH280R46E6.7W21  SMH280R46E6.7W23  SMH280R46E6.7W27  SMH280R46E6.7W28  SMH280R46E6.7W29
SMH440R40E6.7W21  SMH440R40E6.7W23  SMH440R40E6.7W27  SMH440R40E6.7W28  SMH440R40E6.7W29
SMH440R46E6.7W21  SMH440R46E6.7W23  SMH440R46E6.7W27  SMH440R46E6.7W28  SMH440R46E6.7W29
SMH660R40E6.7W21  SMH660R40E6.7W23  SMH660R40E6.7W27  SMH660R40E6.7W28  SMH660R40E6.7W29
SMH660R46E6.7W21  SMH660R46E6.7W23  SMH660R46E6.7W27  SMH660R46E6.7W28  SMH660R46E6.7W29
SMH940R42E6.7W21  SMH940R42E6.7W23  SMH940R42E6.7W27  SMH940R42E6.7W28  SMH940R42E6.7W29
SMH940R46E6.7W21  SMH940R46E6.7W23  SMH940R46E6.7W27  SMH940R46E6.7W28  SMH940R46E6.7W29
SMH1300R42E6.7W21  SMH1300R42E6.7W23  SMH1300R42E6.7W27  SMH1300R42E6.7W28  SMH1300R42E6.7W29
SMH1300R46E6.7W21  SMH1300R46E6.7W23  SMH1300R46E6.7W27  SMH1300R46E6.7W28  SMH1300R46E6.7W29
SMH1700R42E6.7W21  SMH1700R42E6.7W23  SMH1700R42E6.7W27  SMH1700R42E6.7W28  SMH1700R42E6.7W29
SMH1700R46E6.7W21  SMH1700R46E6.7W23  SMH1700R46E6.7W27  SMH1700R46E6.7W28  SMH1700R46E6.7W29
SMH2200R42E6.7W21  SMH2200R42E6.7W23  SMH2200R42E6.7W27  SMH2200R42E6.7W28  SMH2200R42E6.7W29
SMH2200R46E6.7W21  SMH2200R46E6.7W23  SMH2200R46E6.7W27  SMH2200R46E6.7W28  SMH2200R46E6.7W29

6. Important instructions for the selection and configuration of the screw pump unit and the use of the power-on precautions: (For reference to the design institute and field installation and maintenance personnel)
1. It is forbidden to idling without media. Be sure to add lubricious media or conveying media before starting the drive.
2. It is strictly forbidden that all debris such as welding slag should enter the pump chamber. It is important to maintain the cleanliness of the pump chamber and the interior of the pipeline.
3. It is forbidden to use a pipeline filter or a Y-type filter device. Configure the filter so that the filter area is 20-40 times of the cross-sectional area of the pump inlet. And according to the cleanliness of the media, the mesh number of the filter is correctly configured.
4. It is forbidden that the inlet and outlet pipes of the pump do not match the inlet and outlet pipes of the pump. The pipe diameter must be the same as the inlet and outlet of the pump. To avoid cavitation or unable to suck. Too thin pipe will definitely lead to cavitation, so that the pump will work in a state of underspent condition, which will cause the flow and pressure of the three-screw pump group to drop even abnormal vibration and noise. Long-term operation will also cause severe damage to the card pump and the screw pump.
5. The installation height of the three-screw pump must fully consider the cavitation conditions of the pump and the self-priming capacity of the pump (the NPSH is related to the viscosity of the medium and the lead of the screw).
6. due to the role of loading and unloading of the packing and transportation, and the fastening of the pipeline bolts may easily cause the original factory positioning of the pump to change or even be seriously misplaced. After the three-screw pump assembly is installed and fixed, it must be rechecked before starting the drive. Concentricity of the screw pump and motor.
7. It is forbidden to start the machine with back pressure to start the machine and close the inlet valve.
8. It is forbidden to start rotation in a direction that does not meet the direction of rotation of the pump.
9. Double pumps must be connected in parallel at the outlet and inlet of the pump to prevent the reverse flow of the medium driving the three-screw pump from reversing.
10. It is forbidden to adjust the safety valve bolts at will. The safety valve is only used as the protection of the safety of the pump and the matching of the motor power and the working state of the pump. It is forbidden to be used as a pressure regulating valve and a relief valve.

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