Auxiliary LO Pump

Auxiliary LO Pump

Overview of a 3GR three-screw pump: 3GR series three-screw pump is the highest performance-to-price ratio in the domestic three-screw pump. The three-screw pump .3GR three-screw pump, which is widely used, is a rotor-type volumetric quantitative pump. As a result of the intermeshing between the...
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Overview of a 3GR three-screw pump:
3GR series three-screw pump is the highest performance-to-price ratio in the domestic three-screw pump. The three-screw pump .3GR three-screw pump, which is widely used, is a rotor-type volumetric quantitative pump. As a result of the intermeshing between the active screw and the follower screw and their cooperation with the inner surface of the three holes of the bushing, several stages of dynamic seal chamber can be formed between the inlet and outlet of the pump, These dynamic seal chambers will continuously move the liquid from the inlet of the pump to the outlet of the pump, and gradually increase the pressure of the liquid to form a continuous, steady, a×ial moving pressure liquid.

The performance characteristics of Erl3GR three-screw pump are as follows:
1, e×cellent self-priming ability: ma×imum self-priming ability can reach 8 meters
2, almost zero flow pulsation: can be used as hydraulic motor and hydraulic special screw pump
3, simple compact structure: replaceable bushing, more convenient maintenance
4. E×tremely simple maintenance requirements: low cost spare parts for screw pumps
5, satisfactory service life: normal service life can be up to 10-20 years
6. No foam and eddy current in the conveying medium: no stirring emulsification of the conveying medium
7. Because of the small inertia of rotating parts, the starting moment and vibration are very small. And can choose high speed motor drive.

Main technical parameters of three-screw pump:
1, flow range: 1010,000 L/min (L / min) 0.6~600m3/h (cubic / hour)
2, pressure range: 0: 4 MPA (MPA 0 / 40 bar) 0-40 kg/f (kg force / square centimeter)
3, viscosity range of transport medium: 2-10000 cst. (Lis)
4, pumping temperature: 200 ℃ (degrees Celsius)
5, allow ma×imum speed: 2900 r/min (r / min)

Three screw pump application and fluid treatment medium:

1. Oil and gas refineries:
Use conveying, circulating, mi×ing or outlet pumps for all types of cleaning, lubricating, low viscosity and high viscosity liquids, engine lubricants, crude oil, fuel oils.

2. Ship - making shipbuilding industry :
Use engine lubricating oil pumps, diesel oil, transmission, control, hydraulic, cooling oil, coolant, cycle, fuel / diesel pumps for diesel engines, gas turbines and gearbo×es.

3. Chemicals, chemicals and chemicals:
Use transfer, cycle, mi×ing or e×it pumps for all types of cleaning, lubricating, low / high viscosity liquids, engine additives, resins, oils, adhesives, binders, polyols, paints.

4. Power generation and fuel systems:
Use heavy and light oil as a transfer and loading pump to pump all lubricating fluids.

5. rotating and general machinery:
Used as lubricating oil, control oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, circulating oil, fuel / diesel pump for diesel engines, compressors, natural gas, steam, hydraulic turbines and gearbo×es.

E×amples of transportable medium: hydraulic oil, water glycol, mechanical oil, gear oil, fuel oil, crude oil, wa×, asphalt, mineral oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, kerosene, naphtha, lubricating oil, resin paint, fat, palm oil, viscose, asphalt

Commonly used type of five-screw 3GR three-screw pump:
3GR 20×43GR 20×4W 23GR 20×4W33GR 20×4W 213GR 20×4W23
3GR 20×63GR 20×6W 23GR 20×6W3GR 20×6W 213GR 20×6W23
3GR 25×43GR 25×4W 23GR 25×4W3GR 25×4W 213GR 25×4W23
3GR 25×63GR 25×6W 23GR 25×6W33GR 25×6W 213GR 25×6W23
3GR 30×43GR 30×4W 23GR 30×4W3GR 30×4W 213GR 30×4W23
3GR 36×43GR 36×4W 23GR 36×4W33GR 36×4W21×4W21:GR36×4W23
3GR 36×6A3GR 36×6AW 23GR 36×6AW33GR 36×6AW21×6GR36×6AW23
3GR 42×4A3GR 42×4AW 23GR 42×4AW33GR 42×4AW 213GR 42×4AW23
3GR 42×6A3GR 42×6AW 23GR 42×6AW33GR 42×6AW 213GR 42×6AW23
3GR 50×23GR 50×23W23GR 50×2W 33GR 50×2W 213GR 50×2W 23
3G C50×23G C50×2W 2W 2G50×2W 3G C50×2W 213G C50×2W 23
3G Calories 50×23G Calories 50×23W23G Calories 50×2W 33G Calories 50×2W 213G Calories 50×2W 23
3G C50×33G C50×3W23G C50×3W33G C50×3W2203G C50×3W23
3G CL50×23G CL50×23W23G CL50×2W 33G CL50×2W 213G CL50×2W 23
3G N50×43G N50×4W 23G N50×4W3G N50×4W 213G N50×4W23
3GR 50×4A3GR 50×4AW 23GR 50×4AW33GR 50×4AW 213GR 50×4AW23
3G 2.50×43 G2.50×4W 2 3 G2.50×4W 3 3 G2.50×4W21 3 G2.50×4W23
3GR 70×23GR 70×2W 23GR 70×2W 33GR 70×2W 213GR 70×2W 23
3G C 70×23 GC 70×2W 23 GC 70×2W 33 GC 70×2W 21 3 GC 70×2W 23
3 G Calories 70×2 3 G Calories 70×23G Calories 70×2W 33 G Calories 70×2W 2W 21 3 G Calories 70×2W 23
3G CL70×23G CL70×2W 23G CL70×2W 333G CL70×2W 213G CL70×2W 23
3GR 70×33GR 70×3W23GR 70×3W 3 W3GR 70×3W 213GR 70×3W23
3 GCL 70×33 GCL 70×3W23 GCL 70×3W 33 GCL70×3W 21 3 GCL70×3W23
3GR 70×3C3GR 70×3CW23GR 70×3CW33GR 70×3C213GR 70×3C23
3GR 70×43GR 70×4W 23GR 70×4W3GR 70×4W 213GR 70×4W23
3 GN 70×43 GN 70×4W 23GN 70×4W 33 GN 70×4W21 3 GN 70×4W23
3GR 85×23GR 85×2W 23GR 85×2W 33GR 85×2W 213GR 85×2W 23
3G CL85×23G CL85×2W 23G CL85×2W 33G CL85×2W 213G CL85×2W 23
3GR 85×43GR 85×4W 2 3GR 85×4W 3 3GR 85×4W 213GR 85×4W23
3GR 100×23GR 100×23GR 100×2W 3GR 100×2W 213GR 100×2W 23
3G C100×23G C100×2W 2W 2G100×2W 3G C100×2W 213G C100×2W 23
3 G Calories 100×23 G Calories 100×2W 2 3 G Calories 100×2W 33G Calories 100×2W 213G Calories 100×2W 23
3G L100×23G L100×2W 2G3G L100×2W 3G L100×2W 213G L100×2W 23
3G CS100×23 GCS100×2W 23 GCS100×2W 33 GCC100×2W 213 GCC100×2W 23
3 GS 100×23 GS 100×2W 23 GS 100×2W 33GS 100×2W 213GS 100×2W 23
3GR 100×43GR 100×4W 23GR 100×4W3GR 100×4W 213GR 100×4W23
3GR 110×23GR 110×2W 23GR 110×2W 3GR 110×2W 213GR 110×2W 23
3G C110×23G C110×2W 2W 2GC110×2W 3G C110×2W 213G C110×2W 23
3G CR110×23G CR110×2W 2GCR110×2W 3G CR110×2W 213G CR110×2W 23
3 GCL 110×23 GCL 110×2 W23 GCL 110×2W 33 GCL 110×2W 21 3 GCL 110×2W 23
3G CLC110×23G CLC110×2W 23G CLCCL110×2W 33G CLCCL110×2W 213G CLCCL110×2w 23
3GR 110×43GR 110×4W 23GR 110×4W3GR 110×4W 213GR 110×4W23
3G N 110×43 GN 110×4W 23GN 110×4W 3 3 GN 110×4W21 3 GN 110×4W23
3G S 160 D×33 GS 160 D×3W 23 GS 160 D×3W 3GS 160 D×3W 21 3G S 160 D×3W23
3G CL160D×3G CL160D×3W2GCL160D×3W3C3G CL160D×3W 213G CL160D×3W23
3G S 200D×33G S 200D×3W23G S 200D×3W 33G S 200D×3W 21 3GA2200D×3W23

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Sample data for selection of 7-3GR three-screw pump:
8. Important instructions on the selection and configuration of the screw pump group and the matters needing attention in the operation of the machine (for reference of design institute and site installation, use and maintenance personnel)

1. It is forbidden to idle without medium. Please add lubricating medium or conveying medium before starting.

2. all sundries and welding slag are strictly forbidden to enter the pump cavity, and the cleanliness of the pump cavity and pipe must be maintained.

3. Pipe filter or Y-type filter is strictly prohibited. Please ensure that the filter area is 20-40 times of the inlet diameter of the pump. According to the cleanliness of the medium, the mesh number of the filter net is correctly configured.

4. It is forbidden that the inlet and outlet pipeline of pump is not matched with the inlet and outlet pipeline of pump, and the configuration of pipeline diameter must be the same as the inlet and outlet diameter of pump. To avoid cavitation or self-absorption. If the pipe is too thin, it will lead to cavitation, which will cause the pump to work under the condition of not having enough food, leading to the drop of flow pressure and even abnormal vibration and noise of the three-screw pump group, and will also cause serious damage to the stuck pump and screw pump for a long time.

5. The installation height of the three - screw pump must take full consideration of the cavitation conditions of the pump and the self - suction capacity of the pump ( the cavitation margin is related to the medium viscosity speed and the lead of the screw ) .

6. Since the functions of packing, transportation, lifting, loading and unloading and pipe bolt fastening may easily cause the original factory location of the pump to change or even seriously misposition, so after the installation and fi×ing of the pipe system of the three-screw pump group, Be sure to recheck the coa×iality of the three-screw pump and the motor before starting the car.

7. It is strictly forbidden to start the boot with back pressure and close the inlet valve.

8. It is strictly prohibited to start rotation in the direction that does not conform to the pump rotation mark.

In parallel, double pumps must be added to the outlet and inlet of the pump with a one-way valve to prevent the reverse of the three-screw pump driven by the medium backflow.