SPF20R38G10W21 Marine Boiler Oil Supply Pump

SPF20R38G10W21 Marine Boiler Oil Supply Pump

First, the use of SPF three-screw pump Suitable for thermal power plant, glass cement, asphalt mixing station, building material factory, ship, chemical industry, pharmaceutical factory, highway asphalt mixing station, steel plant blast furnace, high-pressure steam boiler, oil-fired boiler,...
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First, the use of SPF three-screw pump

Suitable for thermal power plant, glass cement, asphalt mixing station, building material factory, ship, chemical industry, pharmaceutical factory, highway asphalt mixing station, steel plant blast furnace, high-pressure steam boiler, oil-fired boiler, circulating fluidized bed boiler, marine boiler, ship industry, Diesel engine, turbine boiler and other fuel delivery systems or burner fuel delivery fuel injection applications; Mainly conveys fuel oil, diesel oil, heavy oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, marine diesel oil, gasoline (MDO,MGO), heavy duty fuel HFO, vehicle fuel, bio-oil, etc., or other lubricating liquids, The medium shall not contain any abrasive particles and corrosive substances to pump materials. S PF series three-screw pumps are widely used in oil transportation and injection, as well as in industrial pipeline transportation as fuel oil transport and regulation pumps. And more for all kinds of asphalt mixing plant and asphalt mixing plant burner and medium and small gear box gear reducer hydraulic lubrication equipment. Can provide complete supply of motor screw pump assembly, with oil absorption pipes and support, as well as complete test reports, can provide pressure relief valve sets and other supporting accessories;

II. Main areas of application

SPF series three-screw pump is used as fuel pump in burner fuel system for transportation, injection, pressurization and fuel furnace, as booster pump, fuel injection pump and diesel ignition pump in oil transmission system. It can be used as lubricating oil pump in all industrial fields, hydraulic pump in all kinds of hydraulic transmission.

III. Structure

The SPF pump is a self-priming three-screw pump with built-in bearing. The screw is treated by nitridation and hardened on the surface. The surface of the screw pump is specially treated and the hardness is 63HRC. The pump is operated in a replaceable bushing. The main rod adopts hydraulic balance, the axial force of the rod is supported on the back cover and rotates by hydraulic force, so the screw face only transmits hydraulic torque, does not bear force, and has no wear. For all transmission parts, it is lubricated by the conveying medium. The radial direction of the main rod is located by the balance piston, and with the help of the clearance between the balance piston and the shaft sleeve, the high pressure cavity and the seal cavity are separated. There are mechanical seals in the sealing cavity, oil return holes and pumps in the cavity. The suction cavity is connected to each other and is therefore not affected by the discharge pressure. All sliding parts are lubricated by medium. Shaft seal is mechanical seal, no leakage and no maintenance. The sealing chamber and the suction chamber are connected by an internal loop. The output pressure on the shaft seal is independent and only produces absorption pressure. Pump and motor are connected by bracket. When the spiral rotates, the three spirals of the seal chamber perform a complete continuous axial motion. The rotation of the spiral does not cause vibration. Outside the extrusion, the capacity of the seal chamber remains unchanged. The stability of structure design and operation ensures low noise and no pulsation of screw pump operation. The pump is connected and driven by a bracket, coupling, and motor. Type 20, or wall mounted (for example, Type 40).

SPF series three screw pump commonly used specification model: SPF10R28G8.3W20 SPF10R38G8.3W20 SPF10R46G8.3W20SPF10R56G8.3W20 SPF20R38G8.3W20 SPF20R46G8.3W20SPF20R56G8.3W20 SPF40R38G8.3W20 SPF40R46G8.3W20SPF40R54G8.3W20 SPF10R28G8.3W16 SPF10R3 8G8.3W16 SPF10R46G8.3W16SPF10R56G8.3W16 SPF20R38G8.3W16 SPF20R46G8.3W16 SPF40R38G8.3W16 SPF40R46G8.3WF40R46G8.3SPF8SPF10R38G8SPF10R38G8SPF10R56G8.3FF8SPF10R56G8.3FF2 0R38G8.3FW8 SPF20R46G8.3FW8SPF20R56G8SPF40R38G8.3FW8 SPF40R46G8.3FW8SPF40R54G8.3FW8SPF10R28G8.3FW20 SPF10R38G8.3FW20 SPF10R38G20SPF10R56G8.3FW20 SPF20R38R56GW20 SPF20R46G8.3FW20SPF20SPF20R20R56G8。 3 FW20 SPF40R38G8.3FW20 SPF40R46G8.3FW20 SPF20R54G8.3FW20 SPF10R28G8.3FW16 SPF10R38G8.3FW16 SPF10R46G8.3F16SPF16SPF20R38R56G8 .3 FW16SPF40R54G8.3FW16SPF10R28G8.3FW8 SPF10R38G8.3FW8 SPF10R46G8FW8SPF10R56G8.3FW8 SPF20R383FW8 SPF20R20R56G8.3 FW8 SPF40R38G8.3SPF40R38G8.3FF8SPF40R54G8.3FW8SPF10R10W20 SPF10R20W20 SPF10R20F10R3 8G10W20 SPF10R46G10W20SPF10R56G10W20 SPF20R38G10W20 SPF20R46G10W20 SPF40R38G10W20 SPF40R46G10W20 SPF10R54G10W20 SPF10R38G10W16 SPF10R10W16SPF10R56G10W16 SPF20R38G10W16 S PF20R46G10W16 SPF10R20R56G10W16 SPF40R38G10W16 SPF40R46G10W16 SPF20R54G10W16SPF10R10G10FW8 SPF10R38G10FW8 SPF10R46G10FW8 SPF20R38G10FW8 SPF20R46FW8SPF20R56G10FW8 SPF40R10G10F8 SPF10R56G10FW8 SPF8SPF40R54G10FW20 SPF20R34G10FW20 SPF20G10FW20 SPF20G10FW20SPF40R38G10FW20 SPF40R46G10FW20 SPF40R54G10FW20 SPF20R28G10FW20 SPF20G10F10F16 SPF20R38G10FW20 SPF40R46G10FW20 SPF10R54G10FW20 SPF20R28G10FW20 0FW16 SPF10R46G10FW16SPF20R10FW16 SPF20R10FW16 SPF10R20FW16SPF40R38G10FW16 SPF40R10FW16SPF40R10F10F16SPF10R10FW8 SPF10R10FW8 SPF10G10FW8 SPF10G10F8 SPF10G10FW8 SPF10R10FW8 SPF10R10FW8 SPF20R46G10FW2 SPF40R46G10FW2 SPF40R54G10F2SPF20G10F2SPF20G10FW21 SPF20G10F21 SPF2 0R56G10FW21SPF10R38G10FW21 SPF40R46G10FW21 SPF40R54G10FW21SPF10R10R28G8.3FW20 SPF10R38G8.3FW20 SPF10R46G20SPF10R20SPF10R56G21 SPF20R38G8.3FW21 SPF20R38G10W20 SPF20R10W20 SPF20R56G10 W20SPF20R38G10W20 SPF20R46G10FW20 SPF20R10F20SPF20R38G10W21 SPF20R46G10W21 SPF20R46G10F21 SPF20R56G10F20R38G10W23 SPF20R46G20R38GW23 SPF20R46G20R10F23 SPF20R46G10FW23 SPF20R56G10FW23SPF40R46G10W20 SPF40R46G10W20 SPF40R46G10FW20 SPF40R54G10W21 SPF40R46G10F21 S PF40R54G10FW21SPF40R38G10W23 SPF40R46G10W23 SPF40R54G10W23 SPF40R54G10FW23 SPF40R46G10FW23 SPF40R54G10FW23 SPF40R54G10FW23

Type code

SPF 20 R 38 G 10 F W21 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Series 1

Theoretical flow rate of pump with 1450 rpm, helical angle of 46 °

3 main screw rotation (R = right, L = left)

4 helix angle

5 bearing type: built-in sliding bearing

6 mechanical seal

7 with a filter (only one specification for the SPF20 series)

8 material combination