Single Screw Pump Common Fault Problem And Solution

- May 22, 2018-

Common faults and troubleshooting methods of single screw pump are as follows:

1. The pump does not absorb oil: the inhalation height exceeds the allowable vacuum height of the suction pipe, and the viscosity of the motor is too large.

Solution: to repair the suction line, reduce the suction height and change the motor to make the medium warm.

2. Large fluctuation of pressure gauge pointer: the relief valve is not adjusted in the suction line, so that the relief valve is closed when the valve is opened, and the relief valve is closed when the valve is opened.

Solution: adjust the valve and adjust the working pressure.

3. The flow rate decreases: the suction head is not enough for the suction pipe to be blocked or the leakage of the screw and the pump cover wear the relief valve spring too loose or the disc is not tightly connected with the seat and the motor speed is not enough.

Solution: increase the level of the liquid level to repair the suction pipe, and make a leak. In addition to the leakage, the replacement parts should be replaced by adjusting the spring, grinding disc and valve seat to repair or replace the motor.