Screw Pump Hydraulic Anti-reversing Technology

- May 22, 2018-

The screw pump hydraulic anti-anti technology is to prevent the traditional screw pump down time or the card pump to reverse the magnetic pole, causing the stem cells and the bending strength left, the ground damaged equipment technical problems.

When the screw pump rod phenomenon is often reversed after the downtime, the internal storage potential energy and the oil pressure difference of the pole column can cause a reversal of the magnetic pole. Sucker rod in sudden release torque rod string stored elastic energy and the influence of oil set pressure difference, can produce a great instantaneous torque, easy to cause in the process of high speed rotating bending or power cut, pulley high-speed broken, damage to personnel and equipment.

The hydraulic anti - anti - technology of screw pump is to realize the release of torque through the hydraulic anti-anti unit. Screw pump hydraulic defence of the screw pump unit can be in after downtime spindle inversion, through hydraulic brake caliper pistons, promote the friction plate card tight brake disc, a sharp drop in the system pressure. Brake calipers to lose pressure, spindle slow reverse, continue to work, the gear brake calipers happening again pressure clamping the brake disc, intermittent card - loosen tight - card - loosen tight, until the spindle reverse torque zero emissions, eliminate safety hidden trouble.

The hydraulic anti-anti unit of the screw pump can realize the internal setting of ChanXiangDing pressure unloading mechanism. The braking torque and braking are stable and reliable. The torque of heat dissipation can be released automatically without the need of manual discharge torque. The device is an independent device that can be converted, operated simply, reformed, and cost low in the original drive.