How To Conduct Daily Maintenance And Maintenance Of Twin Screw Pump?

- May 22, 2018-

1. Daily maintenance and maintenance.

1.1 check the oil level in the gear box when the double screw pump stops. If necessary, place a bet on the oil screw and fill it at the center of the oil mark.

1.2 listen for abnormal noise and vibration.

1.3 check whether the pump is leaking during pump operation.

Note: for mechanical seals, in most cases, due to vaporization, leakage is not observed from the seal leakage hole, but sometimes a small but steady leak is permissible.

2. Check and maintain weekly.

2.1 for the pump that has stopped working for more than one week, it shall open the inlet and outlet valve, turn on the motor power supply, and click the pump several times.

2.2 check whether the valve in the inlet and outlet pipe can work normally.

3. Maintenance and maintenance of each season.

3.1 check whether the bolts on all the nuts and pressing devices are loose.

3.2 the installation stipulates that the gearbox oil shall be replaced once every march. Release the release screw of the gearbox (remove the gear oil. Tighten the drain plug, open the filling screw, and inject clean light oil and clean the gearbox. After cleaning, open the drain plug, release the light oil, tighten the drain plug, and inject the specified gear oil into the middle of the oil mark from the injection screw plug, and tighten the filling screw.