Type of twin screw pump

- May 22, 2018-

Double screw pump has two types: sealing type and non-sealing type. Press the medium from one end or the two ends into the meshing space, and the twin screw is divided into two types: double suction type and single suction type.

The twin screw pump is an external screw pump, which USES two screws that are intermeshed with each other to extract the liquid.

Twin - screw pump is a double - suction type non - sealed double - screw pump. An active screw protruding from one end is driven by the original motive. The active screw and the driven screw have different screw threads. The screw is closely connected with the pump body. The driven screw is driven by the active screw through the synchronous gear.

Double screw pump as a positive displacement pump, the pump suction chamber should be closely separated from the discharge chamber. Therefore, the pump body and the outer surface of the screw and the screw and screw should be as small as possible. At the same time, the screw and pump body, the screw and the screw are sealed with each other to ensure the airtight, otherwise the liquid may flow back from the clearance.

Twin-screw pump can be divided into two types: built-in bearing and external bearing. The bearing is lubricated by the conveying material in the structural type of the built-in bearing. The double screw pump working chamber with external bearing structure is separated from the bearing. Because of the structure of the pump and the side clearance between the screw, it can deliver non-lubricated media. In addition, adjusting the synchronizing gear prevents the screw from touching, and transfers half of the output torque to the driven screw. Like all of the screw pump, external bearing type twin-screw pump self-priming capacity, and most are double suction pump element itself symmetric arrangement, can eliminate the axial force, also has a lot of high absorption.

Double screw pump series products are divided into single - suction twin - screw pump and double - suction twin screw pump. This series of products have special screw lines and form a complete set with the special structure, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, steel, electricity, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, food, building materials and other industries, by as much as its applicable medium, transmission range wide, application condition of the complex is unmatched by other pump product. These characteristics also make the series pump potential use development prospect.