The rational use of screw pump in conveying sewage medium

- May 22, 2018-

Screw pump because it was to be variable walks, self-priming ability is strong, reversible and can walk liquid containing solid particles, etc, in the sewage disposal plant, commonly used in the water, wet sludge and walks flocculant solution. Screw pump selection should follow the economic, reasonable and reliable guidelines. If the selection in the design thinking, will bring trouble to future use, management, maintenance, so choose a demand according to production practice, reasonable reliable screw pump can not only guaranteeing production smoothly, and which can reduce the cost of repairs. Here are some of the ideas that we use to use the screw pump:

1. Rotary speed selection of the screw pump.

A linear relationship with flow rate and rotational speed of screw pump in low speed of screw pump, high rotational speed of screw pump, can add the flow and head but power increasing, the high speed to speed up the abrasion between the rotor and stator, must make the screw pump early off work, and the high speed of the screw pump stator length is short, easy to wear and tear, thus shorten the use of the screw pump life.

By retarding mechanism or to reduce the speed stepless speed regulation mechanism, make its speed below three hundred revolutions per minute (it is within reasonable limits, compared with the high speed of screw pump, utilizing life extends several times.

The quality of the screw pump.

Varieties of screw pump on the market at present is more, relatively speaking, the entrance to the reasonable design of screw pump, the material is good, but the price is higher, I help in some do not reach the designated position, accessories price is high, the order cycle is long, can affect the normal operation of production. Map mostly generic production in the entrance product, product quality good and bad are intermingled, when choosing a product of the map production, thinking its cost-effective, choose low rotation speed, long lead, transmission quantity of parts material is qualitative good, extra long product life

3. Make sure the sundries do not enter the pump body.

Wet sludge mixed with solid impurities in the rubber material of screw pump stator formation damage, so make sure stuff don't enter the pump cavity is very main, many sewage plant in front of the pump with a grinder, also some device grille installed or mesh, prevent debris into the screw pump, the grating should be clear for real-time so as to avoid formation of infarction.

4. Prevent breakage.

Screw pump must not be allowed in the cutting of chronology shows, once the ignition occurs, rubber stator due to dry friction, for high temperature and burn out, so the mill shape, grille dredging is one of the need for normal operation of the screw pump condition, for this reason, some screw pump device end expected downtime installed in pump body, angry when cutting, because its have self-priming pump function, the characteristics of the cavity in the body will happen vacuum, vacuum installation can make the screw pump to suspend operation.

5. Insist on constant export pressure.

The screw pump is a positive displacement pump, and when the outlet end is blocked, the pressure will gradually increase, so that the pressure value will exceed the predetermined pressure. At this point the motor load is sharply added. The load of the relevant parts of transmission machinery will also exceed the design value, and the ignition motor will be destroyed and the transmission parts will be broken. In order to prevent the screw pump from being damaged, the general will be installed by the bypass relief valve at the outlet of the screw pump to keep the outlet pressure constant and keep the pump running normally.