The main screw of the 3GR screw pump, from the relevant information of the screw

- May 21, 2018-

3 gr screw pump the main information about the screw from the screw, screw pump 3 gr due to the mutual engagement of each screw and screw and the close coordination of the liner wall, between the inlet and outlet of the pump, can be divided into one or more of the sealed space.

The 3GR screw pump is used to draw the liquid by turning the screw. The intermediate screw is the active screw, which is driven by the original motive, and the screws on both sides are driven by the moving screw, and rotate with the active screw. The thread of the main and slave screw is double thread.

Due to the meshing of each screw and the close coordination between the screw and the inner wall of the liner, it will be separated into one or more sealing space between the suction inlet and the discharge outlet of the pump. With the rotation of the screw and the meshing, the sealed space in pump suction side form unceasingly, the liquid from the suction chamber seal in among them, and the suction chamber along the screw axial continuously goes on to the discharge end, will be closed in the space of the liquid discharge, like a nut in screw rotation being constantly move forward, the screw thread turns as liquid, when screw rotating screw rotation is equivalent to the liquid in 3 gr screw pump inside, this is the basic working principle of screw pump 3 gr