Poor repair of the screw pump

- May 21, 2018-

Poor repair of the screw pump, and the poor condition of the pump in the use of the screw pump, there are several ways to repair it:

Oil pump vibration

The electric rotor may not be balanced, or the coupling is bad, bearing wear and bending; It may also turn parts loose and break; It may be due to the lack of strong pipe support. It can be adjusted, repaired, reinforced and replaced separately.

Pipeline leakage or leakage.

The nut is not screwed tightly when possible. If the leakage is not serious, the oil can be daubed with oil or tar oil in the area of leakage or oil leakage. Temporary repairs can be made with wet mud or soft soap. If the oil is leaking from the head, the nut can be tightened by hand. The leaking oil must be reassembled.

The packing is overheating

Because the packing is pressed too tightly, the cooling oil can not enter the packing, or the shaft surface is damaged. Can take appropriate loosen packing, clear seal tube plug and so on measure. The packing wear must be replaced. Before installation, soak the oil in the oil, and then load it in a circle. The incision should be staggered so as to reduce the leakage. When the last ring packing is finished, press the gland tightly and adjust the tightness during operation.

Oil pump does not absorb oil or oil.

The reason is that the valve card dies, the oil filter is silted, the oil absorption height is too high or the oil is leaking, and it may be wrong, the impeller runner is blocked, etc. After checking each one individually, it can be used to fix the bottom valve, remove the silt, correct the steering, and clean the impeller.