Management of the screw pump

- May 22, 2018-

Management of the screw pump.

1 starter

The screw pump should be started when the suction stop valve is fully open in case of overload or suction.

The screw pump has dry absorbing ability, but must prevent dry turn, so as not to scratch the working surface.

If the pump in the oil temperature is very low or high viscosity under the condition of starting, suction exhaust valve and bypass valve should be fully open under the condition of starting, let the minimum load when the pump starts, until the prime mover to the rated speed, then bypass valve shut down gradually.

When the bypass valve opens, the liquid is in the case of a throttle cycle flow in the pump, and the cycle of oil, the more the longer cycle, the liquid fever also becomes more serious, even make pump due to the high temperature deformation and damage, must pay attention.

2 operation

The screw pump must operate in a given direction to produce a certain suction.

During pump work, check the pressure, temperature and mechanical shaft seal. The shaft seal should allow for a small amount of leakage. If the leakage is not more than 20 to 30 seconds/drop, it is considered normal. If the pump produces noise at work, it is often because of the oil temperature is too low, the oil viscosity is too high, the oil fluid into the air, the coupling loss or pump excessive wear and other causes.

3 parking

When the pump stops, shut off the discharge stop valve and close the suction stop valve after the pump stops completely.

4 screw pump because of the large length of the screw rod, the rigidity is poor, easy to cause bending, resulting in work aberration. The connection of shafting must be very good; It is best to carry out the work after the installation and positioning, so as to avoid the distortion caused by the pipeline. When connecting the pipe, it should be fixed independently to minimize the involvement of the pump. In addition, the spare screw, had better use the method of suspension fixed when save, avoid placing uneven deformation caused by the third century BC, invented by Archimedes screw, smooth can continuously to the water several meters high, its principle is still used by modern screw pump.