Characteristic advantages

- May 22, 2018-

1. The conveying liquid is stable, no pulsation, no stirring, small vibration and low noise.

2. It has a strong self-priming performance. When mixed with multiple phases, the gas content is not higher than 80%, and the sand content is not higher than 500g/m3.

3. External bearing structure, independent lubrication, can be used to transport all kinds of non-lubricating media.

4. With synchronous gear drive, no contact between the two rotors, even if the short time is idle.

5. The pump body is equipped with a heating sleeve, which can deliver various clean or low-viscosity or high-viscosity media with small solid particles (general particle diameter is less than 0.12-0.2mm)

6. The correct selection of materials can even deliver a lot of corrosive media.

7. Double suction structure, no axial force on the rotor.

8. The shaft end adopts mechanical seal or bellows mechanical seal, which has the characteristics of long life, little leakage and wide application scope.