Basic working principle of screw pump

- May 22, 2018-

1. The screw pump is used to draw the liquid by turning the screw. A section view of the three-screw pump is shown in the figure. In the figure, the intermediate screw is the active screw, which is driven by the original motive, and the screws on both sides are driven by the moving screw, and then the active screw is rotated backward. Active screw threads from screw threads are double thread. Because of the interlocking of each screw and the tight fit between the screw and the inner wall of the liner, it will be separated into one or more sealing space between the suction inlet and outlet of the pump. With the rotation of the screw and gear, these seal pump on the suction side of space form, the liquid seal in the suction chamber, and the suction chamber along the screw axial continuously goes on to the end, will be closed in the space of liquid discharge, like a nut in screw rotation being constantly move forward, this is the basic work principle of screw pump.

2. The screw pump working principle is: screw pump, the liquid is sucked into the thread and the pump shell after sealing space around, when active screw rotation, screw pump seal volume under the extrusion of screw tooth increase pressure of screw, and along the axial movement. Because of the rotational speed of the screw, the fluid flow is uniform.

Screw pump characteristic is: screw pump loss small. Good economic performance. The pressure is high and uniform, the flow is uniform, the speed is high, can be connected with the original motive.

The screw pump can transport lubricants, transport fuel, transport various kinds of oils and polymers, to deliver the viscous liquid.

3. Conveying high viscosity medium, according to the size of the pump, the viscosity can be transported from 37,000-200,000 centimetres.

Medium containing particles or fibers: the particle diameter can reach 30mm(not exceeding the rotor eccentricity). The fiber length can reach 350mm(the pitch of a 0.4-bit rotor). The content is generally 40% of the medium. If the solid in the medium is minute powder, the maximum content can reach 60% or higher.

It is desirable to choose single screw pump when the pressure is stable and the inherent structure of the medium is not damaged.