Flange Mounted Three-screw Pump

Flange Mounted Three-screw Pump

1. AKP-HSNF three-screw pump: AKP-HSNF three-screw pump is a quantitative volumetric low-pressure rotor pump with certain lubricity medium, which is suitable for conveying fuel oil, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil. Oil such as mineral oil and lubricating liquid. The conveying medium shall not...
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1. AKP-HSNF three-screw pump: AKP-HSNF three-screw pump is a quantitative volumetric low-pressure rotor pump with certain lubricity medium, which is suitable for conveying fuel oil, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil. Oil such as mineral oil and lubricating liquid. The conveying medium shall not contain any abrasive particles or corrosive substances to the pump material. The spiral surface of the AKP-HSNF series three-screw pump consists of a special type of line (cycloid), when the motor or motor drives the active screw, Each chamber in which it moves is gradually forming a vacuum, and the liquid is acting under atmospheric pressure. Suction from the suction and along the axial direction, no pulsating transport to the outlet, no stirring, emulsification phenomenon. The ability to form the discharge pressure depends on the system load and the number of screw seal cavities, and also depends on the viscosity of the conveying medium and the driving speed. The active screw and follower screw of AKP-HSNF triple screw pump adopt hydraulic balancing device. The liquid is transported in the pump cavity continuously, with uniform axial straight motion, no pulsation, low noise, stable operation, steady flow and pressure, stable work. The vibration is small. The components of AKP-HSNF three-screw pump have good general interchangeability and can be disassembled at will. Replace the corresponding parts. Pump parts, simple structure, light weight, installation, use, easy maintenance, high efficiency, long life. The axial force of the follower of the three-screw pump is supported on the back cover or the active screw, and rotated by the hydraulic force, the follower is driven by the hydraulic force, and there is no mechanical contact between the active screw and the follower. There is oil film protection between screw and pump sleeve, so the screw surface only transmits hydraulic torque, does not bear force, also has no wear and mechanical friction. For all transmission parts, oil film protection and lubrication formed by the conveying medium. The radial rotation runout of the main rod of the three-screw pump is flattened. The balance piston sleeve can also be called sliding bearing positioning, and with the help of the clearance between the balance piston and the shaft sleeve, the high pressure cavity is separated from the seal cavity, and there is no leakage in the seal cavity, and the oil return hole in the chamber is connected with the suction cavity of the pump. Therefore, it is not affected by discharge pressure. Strong self-priming ability, energy saving and low consumption, no bottom valve and oil before each boot.

Second, AKP-HSNF three-screw pump performance characteristics: 1, high efficiency > low operating cost 2, axial balance rotor > bearing no axial force 3, only one shaft seal > easy to maintain, low cost 4, strong cavitation resistance > low noise, Minimized vibration 5, simple design > reasonable price 6, can be designed as unsealed magnetic or semi-submersible oil pump 7, the inlet and outlet can be exchanged by turning the pump body > universal 8, screw pump can be replaced screw, bushing, Pump core > screw pump parts full series universal interchange 9, flange support mounting three screw pump > coaxial automatic alignment, vibration Small, low noise, long life

AKP-HSNF three screw pump components main material materials: pump body: cast iron, cast steel, carbon steel welding, stainless steel bushing: cast iron, ductile iron, tin bronze, ceramics, PTFE, polymer composite wear resistant material screw: alloy steel, nitride steel, Stainless steel, tin phosphorus bronze

The main technical parameters of AKP-HSNF three-screw pump are as follows: 1, flow range: 1010000 L/min (L / min) 0.6~600m3/h (cubic / hour) 2, Pressure range: 0 ~ 4 Mpa (MPA) 0 ~ 40 bar (bar) 0-40 kg/f (kg force / square centimeter) 3, viscosity range: 2-10 000 cst (Lis) 4, pump temperature: 300 ℃ (C) 5, Maximum allowable speed: 3600 r/min (r / min)

Fifth, AKP-HSNF three-screw pump application and fluid processing medium: 1, oil and gas refineries: with transport, circulation, mixing or outlet pumps for all types of cleaning, lubrication, low viscosity and high viscosity liquids, engine lubricants, Crude oil Shipbuilding: use engine lubricating oil pumps, diesel oil, transmission, control, hydraulic, cooling oil, coolant, cycle, fuel / diesel pumps for diesel engines, gas turbines and gearboxes. 3. Chemicals, chemicals and chemicals: with transfer, circulation, mixing or export pumps for all types of Cleaning, Lubrication, low / High viscosity liquid, engine Additive, Resin, Grease, adhesive, Adhesives, Polyol, paint. Power generation and fuel systems: pump all lubricating fluids using heavy and light oil used as transfer and loading pumps. 5, rotary and general purpose machinery: used as lubricating oil, control oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, circulating oil, fuel / diesel pump for diesel engine, compressor, natural gas, steam, hydraulic turbine and gearbox. Examples of transportable medium: hydraulic oil, water glycol, mechanical oil, gear oil, crude oil, wax, bitumen, mineral oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, kerosene , Naphtha, Lubricating Oil, Resin paint, Fat, Palm Oil, Viscose, Asphalt

VI. AKP-HSNF three-screw pump commonly used model: AKP-HSNF three-screw pump commonly used standard series AKP-HSNF40-38 AKP-HSNF40-46 AKP-HSNF40-54 AKP-HSNF80-36 AKP-HSNF80-42 AKP-HSNF80-46 AKP-HSNF80-54 AKP-HSNF120-42 AKP-HSNF120-46 AKP-HSNF120-54 AKP-HSNF210-36 AK -HSNF 210-40 AKP-HSNF 210-46 AKP-HSNF 210-54 AKP-HSNF 280-43 AKP-HSNF 280-46 AKP-HSNF 280-54 AKP-HSNF 440-36 AKP-HSNF 440-40 AKP-HSNF 440-46 AKP-HSNF 440-52 AKP-HSNF 440-54 AKP-HSNF 660-40 AKP-HSNF 660-44 AKP-HSN F660-46 AKP-HSNF 660-52 AKP-HSNF 660-54 AKP-HSNF 940-40 AKP-HSNF 940-42 AKP-HSNF 940-46 AKP-HSNF 940-49 AKP-HSNF 940-50 AKP-HSNF 940-54 AKP-HSNF 1300-36 AKP-HSNF1300-38 AKP-HSNF 1300-40 AKP-42 AKP-NF 1300-46 AKP-HSNF 1300-54 AKP-HSNF 1700-40 AKP-HSNF 1700-42 AKP-HSNF 1700-46 AKP-HSNF 2200-40 AKP-HSNF 2200-46 AKP-HSNF 2900-40 AKP-HSNF 2900-46 AKP-HSNF 3600-46 AKP-HSNF 5300-36 AKP-HSNF 5300-42 AKP-HSNF5300-46 AKP-HSNF7400-32 AKP-HSNF7400-40 AKP-HSNF9400-32 AKP-HSNF9400-40 AKP-HSNF three-screw pump bearing built-in mounting series AKP-HSNF40-38N AKP-HSNF40-46N AKP-HSNF40-54N AKP-HSNF80-36N AKP-HSNF80-42N AKP-HSNF80-46N AKP-HSNF8 0-54N AKP-HSNF 120-42 N AKP-HSNF 120-46 N AKP-HSNF 120-54N AKP-HSNF 210-36N AKP-HSNF 210-40 N AKP-HSNF 210-46 N AKP-HSNF 210-54 N AKP-HSNF 280-43N AKP-HSNF 280-46N AKP-HSNF 280-54N AKP-HSNF 440-36 N AKP-HSNF 440-40 N AKP