Low Pressure Circulating Oil Pump HSG940 × 2-42

Low Pressure Circulating Oil Pump HSG940 × 2-42

First, the outline of screw pump: HSG series three-screw pump is a series of products developed by our company according to the market and customer demand. It can completely replace the domestic 3G 3GR series horizontal three-screw pump. According to the national standard of three screw pump...
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First, the outline of screw pump: HSG series three-screw pump is a series of products developed by our company according to the market and customer demand. It can completely replace the domestic 3G 3GR series horizontal three-screw pump. According to the national standard of three screw pump GB/T10886-2002 design and production. The HSG series three-screw pump is an axial conveying volumetric rotor pump, which consists of a special shape curve. When the screw is rotating, the movement seal chamber draws in the liquid from the inlet and continuously along the axial direction, and conveys it to the outlet without pulsation. Smooth running with low noise and no pulsation The master and slave rod adopts hydraulic balance, hydraulic force driven rotation, so the screw has no wear, long life, mechanical seal, no leakage, simple and compact structure, small volume, light weight, high efficiency, strong self-priming ability and good energy saving effect. Easy to install, use and maintain. HSG series three-screw pumps can transport a variety of non-solid particles, non-corrosive oils and similar lubricating liquids. The medium viscosity is 3.0 ~ 760mm ~ 2 / s, the flow rate is 4.3 ~ 102m3 / h, the maximum pressure is 2.5Mpa. the maximum temperature is 150 ℃. Widely used in cement Mill Oil Lubrication Station Mechanical, Petroleum, Chemical, Metallurgical, Electric Power, Shipping and Food sectors.

Second, the screw pump performance characteristics: 1, high efficiency > low operating cost 2, axial balance rotor > bearing no axial force 3, only one shaft seal > easy to maintain, low cost 4, strong cavitation resistance > low noise, minimized vibration 5, Simple design > reasonable price 6, can be designed as no seal magnetic or semi-submersible oil pump 7, the inlet and outlet can be exchanged by turning pump body > universal strong 8, screw pump can be replaced screw, bushing, Pump core > screw pump parts full series universal exchange 9, horizontal installation of three screw pumps > commonly used, easy to repair and replace parts

The main technical parameters of the screw pump are as follows: 1, flow range: 60,1600 L/min (L / min) 8~100m3/h (cubic meter / hour) 2, Pressure range: 0~2.5Mpa (MPA) 0U 25 bar (bar) 0-25 kg/f (kg force / square centimeter) 3, transport medium viscosity range: 2-10000 cst (Lis) 4, pump temperature: 300C (C) 5, Maximum allowable speed: 2900 r/min (r / min) 4, screw pump applications and fluid handling media: 1. Fuel heating, atomization, injection / energy engineering fundamentals: treatment of light diesel, heavy fuel oil and residual oil, waste oil, for example: fuel oil, conveyer pump, pressurized oil pump, pipeline pump and operating pump. Widely used in cement glass thermal power plant ceramics factory, refractory plant furnace kiln as ignition oil pump, heavy oil fuel pump 2, hydraulic: hydraulic elevator lift industry hydraulic transmission device used as hydraulic pump, For booster and / or pump hydraulic oil based on mineral oil or hydraulic lubricated liquids, e.g. as hydraulic press, forging hammer, baler, press, winch, crane, variable pitch propeller and rudder Unit, hatch, hydraulic mill and machine tool hydraulic system, hydraulic oil pump, lubricating oil pump, fuel oil conveying pump, heating furnace hydraulic station, blast furnace fan lubrication station, finishing mill thinning station, rough rolling thin oil station, HGC circulating pump, finishing rolling drive circulating pump, Coiling oil stations, finishing rolling high and low pressure thin filling stations, rough rolling high and low pressure thin filling stations 3, general industrial engineering / mechanical / heavy machinery industries: handling lubricating oil, coolant, sealing oil, regulating oil and hydraulic oil, light and heavy fuel oil, diesel oil Fuel and oil heat (cold); for example: lubricating, sealing, regulating hydraulic oil and cylinder drives, compressors for steam turbines, gas and water turbines Lubricating, sealing and cooling oil pumps, gear drives as lubricating and cooling oils for lubricating pumps and diesel engines, fuel pumps, rolling mill lubricating oils and hydraulic oil pumps, etc., ocean / ocean engineering, etc. Shipyard / machine factory: in the engine room of tankers, cargo oil vessels, merchant ships and many combat ships, port terminal crude oil pipeline service, and barge and ship collection, pressurization and loading, used for transportation, pressurization, Fuel injection and main engine lubricating pump, main engine lubricating oil pump, lubricating oil pump and marine hydraulic device pump, marine hydraulic pump, hydraulic winch drive pump and so on also widely use three-screw pump, 5, machine tool industry: Processing cutting, grinding, deep hole drilling CNC machine coolant, cooling oil, oil emulsion, grinding fluid and hydraulic oil. Tank area: all lubricating processes, such as grease, paint, liquid fuel, polyol, isocyanate, as handling pump. Printing industry: gravure printing ink processing. 8. Chemical and petrochemical and processing industries: handling of all lubricating liquids (including crude oil), lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, all kinds of refined and semi-finished oils, water glycol, grease, paints, ointments, oils, Polyol, isocyanate, tar, asphalt, glycerol, glue, binder, resin In 2000, paraffin wax, sodium silicate, chemical process is also commonly used pipe pump. Paint / paint industry: handle paint, resin, paint and flaxseed oil. 10, Paper / pulp industry: treatment of viscose fiber and pulp waste liquor. Fifth, screw pump commonly used model:

Code description: AKP HSG 280 × 2-46 Aiko pump industry replaces domestic 3Gr and 3GR series three-screw pump theoretical flow and lead spiral angle direction HSG80 × 4-36 HSG80 × 3-46 HSG120 × 2-36 HSG120 × 4-42 HSG120 × 4-46 HSG120 × 3-52 HSG210 × 2-36 HSG210 × 4-36 HSG210 × 3-46 HSG210 × 2-54 HSG280 × 4-43 HSG280 × 2 -46HSG280x4-46HSG280x3-54HSG440x3-36HSG440x2-46HSG440x4-46HSG440x3-54HSG660x3-40HSG660x2-46HSG660x4-40HSG660x4-46HSG660x3-54HSG940x2-42HSG940x4-42HSG940x3-46HSG940x3-50HSG940x2-52HSG1 300×2-46HSG1300×4-46HSG1300×3-54HSG1700×2-42HSG1700×2-46HSG1700×4-42HSG1700×4-46

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7. Sample selection data of screw pump

Attention should be paid to 1. From the driving side, HSG120 × 2n HSG280 × 2HG660 × 2 is right in and out, and the rest are left in and out. 2, the proper rotational speed should be selected according to the viscosity of the oil, so as to ensure that the pump NPSHr can meet the actual suction conditions of the users. For large size pump (above HSG440), medium viscosity is less than 380 cst, rotational speed is better than 1450r/min or 950r/min, medium viscosity is greater than 380 cstand rotational speed is 950r/min; for small size pump (above HSG280), medium is medium. The quality viscosity is less than 380 cst, the rotational speed is 2900r/min, the medium viscosity is more than 380 cstand, the rotational speed is 1450r/min; when the medium viscosity exceeds the range of performance parameter, please contact our technical department, our company will provide satisfactory service for you 3, the user chooses the pump to carry on the foundation construction design necessary pump and the motor unit matching size, please obtain from our company. When ordering, please provide the following working flow rate of the pump Q pump inlet pressure (or vacuum degree) P1 pump outlet pressure P2 medium operating temperature T operating temperature Medium viscosity v medium characteristics matching requirements: filter, inlet and outlet matching flange, screw pump spare parts such as: mechanical seals, couplings, etc.

8. Important instructions on the selection and configuration of the screw pump group and the matters needing attention in the use of the machine: (for the reference of the design institute and on-site installation, use and maintenance personnel) 1. No idling without media is prohibited. Please add lubricating medium or conveying medium before starting. 2, all sundries and welding slag are strictly forbidden to enter the pump cavity, and the cleanliness of the pump cavity and pipe must be maintained. 3. Pipe filter or Y-type filter is strictly prohibited. Please ensure that the filter area is 20-40 times of the inlet diameter of the pump. According to the cleanliness of the medium, the mesh number of the filter net is correctly configured. 4. The inlet and outlet pipes of the pump and the pump are strictly prohibited. The inlet and outlet pipeline does not match, the pipe diameter configuration must be consistent with the pump inlet and outlet diameter. To avoid cavitation or self-absorption. If the pipe is too thin, it will cause cavitation, which will cause the pump to work under the condition of not having enough food, leading to the drop of flow pressure and even abnormal vibration and noise of the three-screw pump group, and will also cause serious damage to the stuck pump and screw pump for a long time. The installation height of the three-screw pump must take full account of the cavitation conditions of the pump and the self-priming capacity of the pump (the cavitation allowance is related to the viscosity speed of the medium and the lead of the screw) 6, Due to packing, transportation, hoisting, loading and unloading, and tightening of pipe bolts, it may be easy to make the pump The original location of the factory has changed or even been seriously mislocated, so after the installation and fixing of the pipe system of the three-screw pump group, the coaxial degree of the three-screw pump and the motor must be re-checked before starting and starting. 7. It is strictly forbidden to start the boot with back pressure and close the inlet valve. 8. It is strictly prohibited to start rotation in the direction that does not conform to the pump rotation mark. In parallel, double pumps must be added to the outlet and inlet of the pump with a one-way valve to prevent the reverse of the three-screw pump driven by the medium backflow. Free adjustment of safety valve bolts is strictly prohibited. The safety valve is only used to protect the safety of the pump and the matching of the motor power with the working state of the pump. Use of relief valve.